Decarb Fast Track Program

Join the Industrial pioneers and
save Up to -10% energy consumption

of CO2

tons of CO2 avoided

Let's take up the challenge
of energy efficiency together

Application closure : June 30


Faced with the energy emergency and climate change, companies must mobilize. This is a prominently collective effort that involves optimizing our energy consumption.
The european decarb fast track program supports this ambition.
Be a part of this large-scale industrial challenge.

40 Europeen industrial Pioneers
already joined the Program

Metron innovates to decarbonise French industry with AWS – Testimonial

Watch the interview with Vincent Sciandra (CEO, Metron) and find out how Metron is innovating to decarbonise French industry as a whole thanks to the Decarb Fast Track programme.

Decarb Fast Track launch event

The Decarb Fast Track program supports this ambition, by helping, during 2 years, 100 industrials to reduce their energy consumption.

Constance Chalchat (BNP Paribas) presents Decarb Fast Track

Constance Chalchat, explain how our initiative is positive for the planet and industrials facing current economic challenges.

Fast Track

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